Pallet-style Wooden Fall Sign {DIY}


Nothing gets you into the fall mood better than a good craft!

The past 8 falls we were living in Florida, which essentially means we got no Fall. Living in Florida you’d still start to get the fall anticipatory feeling, mostly induced by stores putting out Halloween goods. You’d even buy some cute boots and sweaters. By late October you’d grow desperate and put them on in the cool morning with high hopes for the fall-ness of the day. After 15 minutes outdoors you were sweating.

Since we moved to Kentucky this past winter I am beyond excited to experience a REAL fall. I see the leaves changing and falling. The temperatures still aren’t down to boots and sweater weather, but I have hope, and I’ve got ’em waiting in the wings 😉


  • 1×3 – cut to your desired width of sign (mine is 15″ wide)
  • 1×2 – cut to desired height of sign (mine is 9.5″)
  • Stain- I used 2 coats of miniwax Dark Walnut
  • Paint- I used craft paint, next time I would try Oil or Latex paint. I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the craft paint.
  • Readjustable AKA Stencil Vinyl– you can use my Silhouette file to cut the vinyl by commenting below.
  • Sanding sponge – From the Dollar Tree
  • Paintbrush
  • A rag – for staining
  • Jute – For sign hanger
  • Staples/staple gun– or you could probably improvise with thumb tacks or small nails


  1. Nail the 1x3s evenly spaced to the 1x2s
  2. Stain the wood and let dry for 1 day
  3. Use vinyl cutter to cut on vinyl the words and images (comment below to have the studio file emailed to you)
  4. Peel the negative of the words and images off while applying to wood- trickiest part!
  5. Paint 2 or 3 coats, letting dry between coats
  6. Once paint has dried (1 hour+) remove vinyl
  7. Sand. Get the edges good to show some bare wood, lightly sand some of the painted items to your liking.
  8. Cut Jute to preferred length and staple to back of sign.
  9. Hang and feel Fall in the air!

I got my finished product by combining ideas I found on a Houseful of Homemade and Simply Kierste