my 5 year old son orion is a worry wart.

IMG_2857here are a couple new worries that have popped up the past few days. i want to record them so i can playfully remind him when he is a teenager and has overcome these fears {lets hope!}

 waspes {his pronunciation} and hornets : he chose medicine crackers {saltines- he started calling them medicine crackers a couple years ago because when he had diarrhea we would give him them. the name has stuck and we all now call them medicine crackers} for his snack, but they are so crumby that i’ve started having them eat them outside.

so he was sitting on the front porch eating them and i came out to do or say something and he gave me this panicked look. a look as if something life-threatening was about to happen to me. i pleaded “what?!” he yelled “wasp!!” dropped his crackers and ran for the front door. totally freaked me out! we had a couple more similar run-ins and then to top it off, a few days ago a neighbor boy was over, playing in the yard and got stung by what sounded like a hornet from his description <<a flying beetle, sob!!>>. well the next day i coaxed orion out into the pool yard, which is screened in, and he was so worried that we would be attacked by hornets. before the neighbor boy’s sting he didn’t even know the word hornet. so i was pelted with questions:

“mom, what if they fly through the hole in the screen?” “no the holes are too small for them to get through.” “well, how fat are they?” “umm, like as fat as a cockroach”{the universal bug in florida} “oh, but i think a cockroach could get in here” {that backfired}.

“mom is that a hornet up there on the ceiling?””no, it’s just a fly.”

“mom when you go out the door make sure you shut it really quick so no hornets come in”. “ok {walk out door and let it swing shut naturally}.” “MOM! quick, quick, shut it! Mom, you didn’t shut it quick!”

“Mom, if i walk will a hornet sting me?” “No.” Mom, if i run will a hornet sting me?” “Maybe, cuz you might scare them.”

“Mom, i see a hornet trying to get in.” “{look where he’s pointing, nothing}.

“orion, why don’t you go see if you can find a worm in the dirt so we can go fishing”. “no i don’t want to go out there, there might be a hornet.”

“mom, do hornets like wasps?” “i think so” “do wasps like hornets?” “yes” “do wasps like bees?” “i’m not sure” {totally making it up through that set}

he usually asks to go in the hot tub everyday and plays outside but since the hornet incident he doesn’t ask, and if i ask him he says “no, there might be hornets”. hoping he’ll get over it soon.

~ skateboarding: after watching a movie with skateboarding in it orion asked me:

“mom, when i get bigger can i skateboard?”


“you’ll buy me a skateboard?”


“and a helmet? i’ll need a helmet.”

“yes. and elbow pads and knee pads.”

{thinks for a minute, concern starts to show} “what about my feet? and my body? {he grips his torso as if to protect it, and contorts his face}

“they’ll be fine”.

{troubled look} “no, they’ll get hurt… you need to get me training.”


you know one thing i love about his careful nature is how he keeps track of his siblings when we are out. my oldest is a daydreamer and sometimes he’ll lag way behind or veer off to touch or look at something. orion keeps him on track “joey, come on!” or “ezra! why are you trying to get losted?” a huge help when i’ve got all 4 in tow.

his nature is so adorable.


so i leave you with this lesson i will spend the next few decades teaching him