booksvsmoviesi am worried that i might be a shallow person. i just finished reading a few classics and i’m not brimming with enthusiasm for the books and honestly i prefer the movie to the book. so i started thinking back on other classics i’ve read and i’m seeing a pattern.

1. when the movie The Count Of Monte Cristocame out it was my favorite movie. the scene where he debuts at the party with his coat blowing in the wind. the toast speech. the kiss after 16 years. when fernand realizes the count is edmond at the end. so many good lines the book had to be superb. well i could not even get through the book. the magical scenes of the movie just weren’t otherworldly in text.

2. i saw Les Miserables in the theater and was so moved. it was amazing. i had to read the book. but the book was not nearly as touching for me. marius seemed like a spineless creep with the months of stalking cosette on the promenade. maybe it was the music of the movie that did it for me? i still listen to the soundtrack all the time.

3. i love the movie Pride & Prejudice. the scene in the rain when he proposes the first time is electric. the long walk through the field is delicious <i must have a thing for long coats>. and the line “you have bewitched me body and soul”…chills! well imagine my dismay when none of that was in the book. i did enjoy the book, but it was not romantic. <if you are looking for a pride & prejudice type book that is a good, romantic love story check out Edenbrooke>

4. Gone with the Wind now this one is a little reverse. i have never seen the movie but thought i should read the raved about book. 1000 pages later i am puzzled. why is this called the greatest love story? the book has enough of a story to keep you reading, but if you are looking for a love story or happy ending, you will be disappointed. so no, i do not plan to watch the movie.

so here’s where you say: no, no you aren’t shallow, i thought the same thing