i remember as a kid reading through a 3 page or so handwritten, black and white photocopied family newsletter that one of my mom’s friends from a previous place we had lived sent her for the holidays. it had grainy pictures i could barely make out. but i thought it was kind of a cool idea. so fast forward 20 years and i am for the first time ever doing a family newsletter for our family! and since this is 2 decades later, it is virtual, typed, and in full color baby!!

May you find ways to adore the Lord this season and as you do, fill your home with love, peace, & joy.



we celebrated Thanksgiving last week while we had Kevin with us. it was nice. we took the older boys to school in the morning like usual, with the promise we’d be back to check them out as soon as Thanksgiving dinner was ready. then we made a quick run to the store for a few last minute ingredients and started to work! i made broccoli salad, corn casserole, sweet potato casserole, heated store-bought mash potatoes and put brown’n’serve rolls in the oven. i also put together a cheese plate as a light lunch. meanwhile kevin made butternut squash casserole, turkey gravy, and a caramel apple pie.

it was about 1pm when it looked like we were ready to get the hot chicken from Publix and the boys from school. i know, chicken?? we didn’t need a whole turkey and we have ham for christmas, and honestly we LOVE the rotisserie style chickens you can get from Publix, Boston Market, Walmart etc. Publix actually had a spicy cranberry version that day and it was the best thing on the table!


i made a gratitude wreath that we all hung a leaf of gratitude on and we’ve been adding to here and there.


so with thanksgiving out of the way for us, i leaped into Christmas mode! Christmas music and shows. the trees are up. candy canes for the boys. i wish Thanksgiving was always held the 3rd week of November. with it falling so late in November the past couple years we don’t even get 30 days to focus on Christmas.

i’ve got all my christmas shopping done, which feels divine, even though i’m gonna miss some great Black Friday prices I’m sure.

this Christmas season I’m going to try to play the Joy to the World DVD a half hour before bedtime every night to help keep us centered on Christ. i did it tonight and although none of the boys sat down in front of the TV to watch it, they were quietly coloring in holiday coloring books and eating candy canes and i hope they felt the Spirit as they heard the beautiful music- i know i did! i fell in love with that DVD on my mission. there are some gorgeous songs on there- especially the rendition of Silent night. and the shots of Mary with baby Jesus are so touching.

happy holidays!