my little olls died today.

ollie collage

i knew back in january that this would be his last year with our family. but i just wasn’t expecting it to be today.

finding his little body laying on his side, back legs crossed at the ankles so cutely, the way i loved. all i could say over and over was “oh no…oh no…oh no!

he was 13 years old. my mom bought him as a puppy and named him oliver benson. a stately name. around here we call him ollie or my pet name for him my little olls.


i don’t have many good pictures of him because he was camera shy. he would always turn his head when we took a picture.

205573_6114710218_8037_nbut i did get this good one of him back in january when his health started failing. he was doing one of his favorite things. basking in the sun. his eyes squint and he smiles.