i’m reading an oldie but a goodie Raising Up a Family to the Lord

this quote that he includes in the book really made me think.


in the book he narrows down key behavior of a family that has successful young men (i.e. become priesthood holders, serve missions, marry in the temple). this is something that is really important to me so when he approached the topic in the book i was all ears! and while I’m sure it’s not as simple as checking off 3 things on a list, I believe it is good guidance and has given me an added drive to adhere to the behaviors.

one of the keys is family scripture study. we are pretty good about having scripture study nightly but if it gets past bedtime sometimes we skip it (like on a Friday night after a movie when a couple kids are already conked out). well this past Friday, after reading this, i made sure we did scripture study before the movie. this way my boys will learn about priorities and doing first thing first.

if you are interested in his list, but not enough to buy the book, here it is:

1. Family Prayer (which leads children to personal prayer)

2. Family Scripture Study/ Family Home Evening (which lead children to personal scripture study)

3. Agreement on Values (he gives a great example of handling the question “why do we have to go to church on Sunday?”. One parent might say “because i said so.” or another short response and not help the child come to agree on values. while the teaching parent explains the commandment and blessings associated, referencing scripture and bearing testimony, and asking the child a question or two, causing the child to come to understand and hopefully agree with the parent’s value)

you may be surprised that Go To Church isn’t even on his list. but as i thought about it i realized that just sitting in church on sunday isn’t enough to mold a life. it’s in the home, where we spend every day, that a life is shaped.



i am failing at this this week. kevin comes home this week FINALLY. it has been the usual 6 week stint, but it hasn’t been the usual 6 week stint. he switched jobs which included a false start at a job, a week of no job, 2 weeks of training, and finally working mostly nights. ughhhh. i’m not even the one who went through it and it was real rough.

with his return this time i feel like he isn’t just coming home from work. i feel as if he is returning from a quest through mountain peaks and desert sands. when i see him walking toward me i picture he’ll be dressed in tattered clothes, bearded, unshowered and weak with thirst. we will collapse on each other, “we made it”.

so as i await his return i’m in a state of life paralysis. no gusto for anything but him. this is the worst way to go about it because it only makes the days longer. but as each day comes to an end i smile giddily, knowing i’m one day closer and he will soon be here to end my internal agony.

the other night i was watching an old seinfeld episode “the pen“. in it jerry is trying to make elaine feel better about their stay with his parents in florida with no a/c, sleeping on a back breaking sofa bed.

ELAINE: Why is it so hot in here? How can they sleep like this?

JERRY: It’s only for three days. Today’s over and we have tommorow. We leave on Sunday. It’s one day, really.

ELAINE: Oh man. What is with this bar? It’s right in my back. It’s killing me.

JERRY: Oh you wanna switch? I’m sleeping on a love seat. I’ve got my feet up in the air like I’m in a space capsule.

ELAINE: I am never gonna fall asleep.

JERRY: Oh, don’t say that. You’ll jinx me.

ELAINE: How can they not put the air conditioning on?

JERRY: They’re nuts with temperature.

ELAINE: This bar is right in my back! It’s making a dent.

JERRY: How about that guy writing a check for 19.45?

ELAINE: I’m sweating here. I’m in bed, sweating.

JERRY: It’s one day. Half a day, really. I mean you subtract showers and meals, it’s like twenty minutes. It will go by like that. (snapping his fingers)

then later the chiropractor tells her she can’t get on a plane with her back so bad and needs to stay put…

ELAINE: (to Jerry) Five more days?

JERRY: Well today’s almost over. And weekdays always go by fast. Friday we’re leaving. It’s like two days really. It’s like a cup of coffee. It will go by like that. (snapping his fingers)

i  need more of jerry’s attitude huh?


booksvsmoviesi am worried that i might be a shallow person. i just finished reading a few classics and i’m not brimming with enthusiasm for the books and honestly i prefer the movie to the book. so i started thinking back on other classics i’ve read and i’m seeing a pattern.

1. when the movie The Count Of Monte Cristocame out it was my favorite movie. the scene where he debuts at the party with his coat blowing in the wind. the toast speech. the kiss after 16 years. when fernand realizes the count is edmond at the end. so many good lines the book had to be superb. well i could not even get through the book. the magical scenes of the movie just weren’t otherworldly in text.

2. i saw Les Miserables in the theater and was so moved. it was amazing. i had to read the book. but the book was not nearly as touching for me. marius seemed like a spineless creep with the months of stalking cosette on the promenade. maybe it was the music of the movie that did it for me? i still listen to the soundtrack all the time.

3. i love the movie Pride & Prejudice. the scene in the rain when he proposes the first time is electric. the long walk through the field is delicious <i must have a thing for long coats>. and the line “you have bewitched me body and soul”…chills! well imagine my dismay when none of that was in the book. i did enjoy the book, but it was not romantic. <if you are looking for a pride & prejudice type book that is a good, romantic love story check out Edenbrooke>

4. Gone with the Wind now this one is a little reverse. i have never seen the movie but thought i should read the raved about book. 1000 pages later i am puzzled. why is this called the greatest love story? the book has enough of a story to keep you reading, but if you are looking for a love story or happy ending, you will be disappointed. so no, i do not plan to watch the movie.

so here’s where you say: no, no you aren’t shallow, i thought the same thing


She had never been one to worry long over the vagaries of human conduct

scarlett o’hara in gone with the wind. its funny how certain characteristics of a person can be seen as a flaw or a strength depending on where you are standing. 



is it bad that I kinda agree with Scarlett on this one?


the best way to go about this is chores. some days I don’t feel like making my kids do their chores because its a chore for me as well. but this quote reminds me- it’s not about the floor getting swept or the bathroom cleaned, it’s about raising an adult with work ethic who knows he can do hard things.

‘You are always responsible for how you act’

‘You are always responsible for how you act’.

remember that!