Pallet-style Wooden Fall Sign {DIY}


Nothing gets you into the fall mood better than a good craft!

The past 8 falls we were living in Florida, which essentially means we got no Fall. Living in Florida you’d still start to get the fall anticipatory feeling, mostly induced by stores putting out Halloween goods. You’d even buy some cute boots and sweaters. By late October you’d grow desperate and put them on in the cool morning with high hopes for the fall-ness of the day. After 15 minutes outdoors you were sweating.

Since we moved to Kentucky this past winter I am beyond excited to experience a REAL fall. I see the leaves changing and falling. The temperatures still aren’t down to boots and sweater weather, but I have hope, and I’ve got ’em waiting in the wings 😉


  • 1×3 – cut to your desired width of sign (mine is 15″ wide)
  • 1×2 – cut to desired height of sign (mine is 9.5″)
  • Stain- I used 2 coats of miniwax Dark Walnut
  • Paint- I used craft paint, next time I would try Oil or Latex paint. I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the craft paint.
  • Readjustable AKA Stencil Vinyl– you can use my Silhouette file to cut the vinyl by commenting below.
  • Sanding sponge – From the Dollar Tree
  • Paintbrush
  • A rag – for staining
  • Jute – For sign hanger
  • Staples/staple gun– or you could probably improvise with thumb tacks or small nails


  1. Nail the 1x3s evenly spaced to the 1x2s
  2. Stain the wood and let dry for 1 day
  3. Use vinyl cutter to cut on vinyl the words and images (comment below to have the studio file emailed to you)
  4. Peel the negative of the words and images off while applying to wood- trickiest part!
  5. Paint 2 or 3 coats, letting dry between coats
  6. Once paint has dried (1 hour+) remove vinyl
  7. Sand. Get the edges good to show some bare wood, lightly sand some of the painted items to your liking.
  8. Cut Jute to preferred length and staple to back of sign.
  9. Hang and feel Fall in the air!

I got my finished product by combining ideas I found on a Houseful of Homemade and Simply Kierste



when i wanted to do a family newsletter last year i set out looking at my options. i’m always looking for the cheapest (or freeest) way to do things. i am not enough of a photographer or graphic designer to feel justified investing in Photoshop, but from looking around it seemed that was really what i needed if i was going to put the newsletter together on my own. so i found a free alternative: GIMP


i work on a mac. it took a little bit of tech-saviness to get the download unpacked, installed, and launched but they do a good job of leading you through the process. (hey its free, can’t be too easy)

then i took a family newsletter i had found on pinterest that i loved and went to work making changes to it. this particular template was the photoshop file (.psd). when i opened it in GIMP it automatically converted it to a .xcf, which is their equivalent to .psd. all the layers Lacey had used in creating it were there ready to personalize.

problem was i didn’t know the first thing about using GIMP. luckily youtube is the land of tutorials. i watched a few beginner videos on using GIMP:

Edit text on image  (the file i chose had some text in image format, not typeable, so i had to use the eraser tool to erase, for example the name of their family, and type over the white space the name of our family)

GIMP tutorial

How to download fonts (i needed to add some unique text, not only edit already existing text)


How to move objects (learned how to move around the boy graphics so they lined up nicely)

Gimp for beginners

with a little trial and error i changed this

e8544a2a2b9be32016d96cb860340a7dto that

year-in-review-editall before it was time to pick the kids up from school 😉

you’ll want to download a number of fonts for a graphic like this. pinterest is a great source for finding cute, free fonts and scoping out which fonts pair well together.

as for the boy and pregnant woman graphics. i found them via Google and just brought them in as .png files (GIMP automatically creates a new layer for you), moved them where i liked and resized.


STEP 1: get GIMP

STEP 2: find a .psd or .xcf to use as your base template that you can manipulate (or if you are brave start from scratch bringing in your own background .png file)

STEP 3: watch youtube GIMP beginner tutorials

STEP 4: start making changes to your template as you learn techinques from the videos

STEP 5: download fun free fonts and graphics to make the template work for you


i remember as a kid reading through a 3 page or so handwritten, black and white photocopied family newsletter that one of my mom’s friends from a previous place we had lived sent her for the holidays. it had grainy pictures i could barely make out. but i thought it was kind of a cool idea. so fast forward 20 years and i am for the first time ever doing a family newsletter for our family! and since this is 2 decades later, it is virtual, typed, and in full color baby!!

May you find ways to adore the Lord this season and as you do, fill your home with love, peace, & joy.



time to meet the new neighbors!

neighbori am super excited to have new backyard neighbors! a few years ago the people living there seemed normal enough. the only thing that bugged me was if their dog was in their backyard while we were in our backyard he would sustain a constant bark, which made our backyard less enjoyable.

little did we know there was more going on. one day my husband heard a huge bang and ran out to see what happened. there was an entire SWAT team in their side yard breaking the windows in and throwing in flash bang grenades! i think they were producing drugs of some kind. wow. literally “in our own backyard”.

i found this cute printable over at dose of happy there are actually a few different bird colors and other ‘welcome neighbor’ designs to choose from, go take a look! i backed it with some patterned cardstock, rounded corners with my corner chomper and affixed it to the box of cookies. then i wrapped baker’s twinearound a few times and tied it off. simple but i think it came together cute.


i’m going to be mailing these in daddy’s father’s day package as well as help all my primary kids personalize them for their daddies.

fathers day

my plan is to bring just the cut out cards the sunday before and have the kids color them. then during the week i’ll assemble and bring them, ready to go on father’s day.

i found this cute gift idea at the ever inspiring blog my sister’s suitcase. there you will find the printable i used.


i found hershey’s kisses with blue wrappers which seemed very appropriate for father’s day. i actually had a little trouble finding hugs, but succeeded eventually.


i really like how the baker’s twine looks with the polka dot treat bags.


i used my corner chomper to round the bottom two corners of the cardstock to make it look a little more polished


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spring has sprung and its time for families to get out and enjoy some wholesome recreation together! well, whenever the rain stops anyway… we are hosting an activity for all primary families in our ward.

since the theme this year is Families Are Forever I wanted to do something family oriented and decided on hosting an event that would center around a snippet from The Family: A Proclamation to the World. namely the part about wholesome recreation being important to the family. i thought a FAMILY OLYMPICS would be perfect! i took my basic outline for the event from this creative mom at Little House on the Circle.

my lovely friends came over and helped make 82 of these babies. we even made a few with fruit snack packets for families with allergies.



– Curling Ribbon

Scotch Tape

– candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snack Size (this is a really good price)Fruit Snacks (with a yellow or orange bag)

Fiskars Circle Cutter

– hanger

flat cutting mat


Cardstock(yellow and/or orange)



1. start by printing the text on the cardstock.  here is my file, nothing fancy

2. lay out your cutting mat. i first tried to use these Flexible Cutting Boardsi have in the kitchen and they did not allow the circle cutter to work. you need a mat that naturally lies flat to the table. adjust the circle cutter to a little over 2.5″ if you are using my file. stand over the project and apply a lot of pressure to the circle cutter as you rotate it to cut out the paper medals. {you may want to do a few practice cut-outs on a scratch piece of paper first}

3. affix the circles to the candy

4. cut curling ribbon to the length you’d like the necklace to be and affix both ends to the back of the candy package

5. hang each necklace on the hanger as you finish to avoid tangling


i also printed some simple signs for each event on the extra cardstock i had leftover.  sprints, long jump, disc toss, balance beam, and javelin throw. we are going to do heats of Dads, Moms, and Kids. it will be fun to watch the parents compete and have the kids cheer them on.


let the games begin!