we went in for an ultrasound last week at 16 weeks and weren’t sure if they would be able to tell us the baby’s sex but of course hoped. when the tech put the tool on my belly the position it landed in seemed to reveal a little boy pee-pee but she quickly moved it as she said “ok, we are going to start by looking at the head”. so i figured i’d probably seen wrong {later conferring with kevin he had seen the same- we are pretty expert at ultrasounds at this point i guess}. so the ultrasound continued, everything looking good. about half way through she positioned the tool in a way that we were seeing from the bottom of the baby up, it was pretty obvious, but she wasn’t saying anything so i said, “that looks like a pee-pee“. and she replied “it is, i didn’t want to tell you!” knowing that we already had 4 boys. i laughed and kevin said “sorry, honey”.

so 5 sons it is! the next question i usually get is, “are you going to try one more time, i know people with 5 boys and 1 girl?” my answer is “are you crazy?!” just kidding, but seriously, the answer is no. as i picture the rest of my life with my 5 sons it is so full and exciting. sure there will be moments of daughter longing but i have so much, i won’t be wallowing or feeling ungrateful or cheated.

so now making sure we raise 5 stalwart boys is what is on my mind. earlier this year we introduced the boys to “5 goals” that now hang on their bedroom door:

1. earn your eagle scout

2. graduate from seminary

3. serve a mission

4. obtain a money-making degree

5. marry in the temple

as we reinforce these goals regularly they will feel purpose and direction in their teen years. a lot of teen boys struggle with lack of purpose and waste away their lives on video games etc. i want to instill a sense of industry in them so they don’t fall victim to overuse of media. joey, our oldest took the initiative over the summer to open Joey’s Juice Stand.

lemonadehe made $75 or so sitting out in the heat serving customers {10% of which went to the Lord in tithing and another 10% of which went to his mission fund}. it made me feel hopeful for their work ethic– a character that i believe is really important to an adult’s success in life.

plus with $50,000 worth of missions to serve between all 5 boys they will certainly have to work hard to contribute!

so we are very excited to welcome boy #5 into the world {boy #5 for now because we exhausted our boy name list on boy #3}. it’s going to be good 🙂


3 thoughts on “A WHOLE FAMILY

  1. Congrats!!! You know, in MY experience, girls are HARD. SO. SO. HARD. I look at families of all boys and think, “Man, their life must be so easy.” Haha, I’m half kidding when I think that, but no, really. There must be so much less crying and talking back and intense emotions! We love our girl to death, but man oh man, can she bring the drama! You’re gonna have so much fun in your house full of boys!

    • yes, i am told that about girls. and from what i know, girls can make a HUGE deal over something so tiny its mind-boggling. we still have a good share of crying and back talk here but i guess there is a level of intensity i will bypass 😉

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