time to meet the new neighbors!

neighbori am super excited to have new backyard neighbors! a few years ago the people living there seemed normal enough. the only thing that bugged me was if their dog was in their backyard while we were in our backyard he would sustain a constant bark, which made our backyard less enjoyable.

little did we know there was more going on. one day my husband heard a huge bang and ran out to see what happened. there was an entire SWAT team in their side yard breaking the windows in and throwing in flash bang grenades! i think they were producing drugs of some kind. wow. literally “in our own backyard”.

i found this cute printable over at dose of happyΒ there are actually a few different bird colors and other ‘welcome neighbor’ designs to choose from, go take a look! i backed it with some patterned cardstock, rounded corners with my corner chomper andΒ affixed it to the box of cookies. then i wrapped baker’s twinearound a few times and tied it off. simple but i think it came together cute.


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