we had a fun kick off to summer! my plan for the season is one learning activity and one fun out-of-the-house activity a day. so we did a reading session in the am. i noticed last summer joey joes lost some of his reading skills so i’m determined to keep him sharp this year. he read a book from 1983, the cats’ burglar. that makes it more enriching being old, right? <<mom, do i have to read all 63 pages?>>

after lunch it was out into the world! we decided to try out the nationwide kids bowl free program. it was a lot of fun!


the universe was smiling on us. the credit card reader was malfunctioning when i was paying for the bowling shoes so he told me not to worry about it.


since we didn’t have to pay for the shoes i figured we could live a little and hit the arcade on our way out. as i went to the card machine to get credits for games, a young couple walked up to me. “excuse me, are those your boys? we used all the credits on our card but we have like 800 e-tickets on it if you want to use it to get a prize for your boys.”   you should have seen joey’s eyes light up when i told him we had 800 tickets!

so instead of the usual sad prizes we come home with <smarties and stickers> the boys picked out a set of four construction vehicles <perfect sharable toy!>

the day was overcast so despite the heat, it was tolerable outside which means dinner poolside! <easier clean-up for mama>

after dinner the boys put their new toys to work


i knew there was a reason we didn’t lay sod after we had the pool built


daddy works in the oil industry driving big trucks so it was cute to overhear some references while they played

dig2<<this is the boss truck. it doesn’t do anything>>

dig1<<boss, i need to leave and go on my anniversary trip!>>


the digging melded into swimming and we spent a couple hours of the evening out back

happy summer everyone!



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